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Screenshot General - GeorgeBubbinzInSpace - 06-17-2016

I don't know about you guys, but I like to screenshot nonsensical, hilarious, or cringe-worthy things I find online all the time. 

Doesn't have to be funny necessarily, you can screenshot your desktop for all I care, as long as it is somewhat out of context or entertaining in some way. I'll start!

[Image: xjZJ30R.png]

RE: Screenshot General - fat lesbian - 06-17-2016

[Image: Vh44EIB.jpg]

RE: Screenshot General - K-Man - 06-17-2016

[Image: g9g7LMp.png]

RE: Screenshot General - risbolla - 06-17-2016

[Image: OiUaaSk.png]
wtf so huge resolution ur phone must be way to big to fit in ur pocket do u like have a giant backpack u carry ur phone in

RE: Screenshot General - GeorgeBubbinzInSpace - 06-17-2016

you're all reported

[Image: O5F1nZ1.jpg]

RE: Screenshot General - Ben - 06-17-2016

[Image: Q8SfQUv.png]

double monitors = double contribution

RE: Screenshot General - GeorgeBubbinzInSpace - 06-18-2016

oh my god ben your desktop bro. you're triggering me.

RE: Screenshot General - Ben - 06-18-2016

at home i have only 2 things on my desktop: recycle bin and a folder called "stuff" which is properly organized but this is my work machine so it has all kinds of website junk, drivers, installers, etc

RE: Screenshot General - Relaps - 06-18-2016

[Image: H17nW9i.jpg]

RE: Screenshot General - risbolla - 06-18-2016

[Image: CFzWtdQ.png]

RE: Screenshot General - Ben - 06-18-2016

[Image: 58f2372062.png]

RE: Screenshot General - Ben - 06-18-2016

[Image: fb28965f9d.png]

RE: Screenshot General - Delirious Biznasty - 07-01-2016

[Image: OS3IGnc.jpg]

RE: Screenshot General - narcissa - 07-01-2016

[Image: Screenshot_2016_04_27_21_52_42.png]

RE: Screenshot General - GeorgeBubbinzInSpace - 07-01-2016

things not even big enough  Smug