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SGDQ - grue - 07-06-2016

Summer Games Done Quick is undergoing. I wasn't aware.

I love GDQ and I watch it everytime i get the chance.

^the stream

The schedule.


RE: SGDQ - Ben - 07-07-2016

i usually get as into these as a casual watcher can be and somehow i didnt know until yesterday

RE: SGDQ - grue - 07-07-2016

me neither wtf

I only found out while browsing humble bundle for the weekly sales thread

RE: SGDQ - grue - 07-07-2016

also the money pool i substantially lower thi edition

twitch is failing miserably at promoting it, maybe it's on purpose? idk. front page features an absolute moron doing a stupid fucking dance for views. none of the featured streams are sgdq, which is a first in my experience

it's wednesday evening and sgdq is under 340k

RE: SGDQ - grue - 07-07-2016

did they lose twitch sponsorship? wtf

RE: SGDQ - Tempest - 07-08-2016

if you don't want to watch sgdq like me at least watch this run

RE: SGDQ - Tempest - 07-08-2016

also the tetris shit is on you nerds, go watch it. qlex just got the best time outside of japan on TGM2's Death mode, which is insane.

RE: SGDQ - Tempest - 07-08-2016

fuckin come watch The Witness assholes the speedrun is tight

RE: SGDQ - Gorilla Tits - 07-08-2016

The guy doing Mario 2 reloaded, or whatever, had the battery on his ds die on the last level. Was funny. What a dumb nerd!

RE: SGDQ - CharlieH - 07-10-2016

i missed the no glitch pokemon run >:( that was about the only run I was looking forward to...

i don't know what it is about them, or the way they're explained that draws me in...