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Suicide Squad - Relaps - 08-03-2016

I saw this last night. It's fun, but not good. Margot Robbie is excellent and I haven't enjoyed Will Smith in a movie like this in a long time. Leto's Joker is obnoxious, styled as a "sexy" gangster mastermind (I would equate him closest to Bruce Timm's 90s animated joker) in that he has style and tons of mysterious resources - but the dynamic with him and Harley is actually sweet in their own way, and not a thing often touched upon.

Pacing is bad, story is lame, the other squad members aren't that great or exciting and kind of insulting in Killer Kroc's case. 

I saw it for free, thought it was fun. Don't know if I would pay to see it.

RE: Suicide Squad - Relaps - 08-03-2016

in b4 nix rant about leto

RE: Suicide Squad - Urser - 08-03-2016

they couldve saved this movie if it consisted of leto being quirky and the rest of the cast staring in the camera like on the office

RE: Suicide Squad - fat lesbian - 08-03-2016

(08-03-2016, 05:27 AM)Relaps Wrote: in b4 nix rant about leto

u know me so well babe
seriously fuck that guy his co stars hated him bc he treated them like shit and i just... won't be seeing this. i don't want to give it money and i don't want him to ever be in anything else like this completely destroying characters i love

RE: Suicide Squad - fat lesbian - 08-03-2016

also if they try to paint harley/the joker as a good or sympathetic relationship especially no thank you. i am constantly worried for like teenage girls who see things like that that are framed as good. youre not supposed to want them to be together

RE: Suicide Squad - Tempest - 08-07-2016

no niki he's a METHOD ACTOR!!!!!! duh!!!!!! he had to be an asshole bc it was the only way to truly BE the joker!!!!!

RE: Suicide Squad - Tempest - 08-07-2016

it looks like shit to me tbh, but i am pretty inflexible when it comes to comic stuff. i know so little about it anyway, and i prefer things not to be so drastically different, like the joker wearing a grill with tattoos on his face and shit. that ain't for me.

RE: Suicide Squad - Delirious Biznasty - 08-08-2016

Man of Steel is rated higher than this.

I have watched Man of Steel.

I will not being watching Suicide Squad, even if Captain Boomerang is in it.

RE: Suicide Squad - Ben - 08-08-2016

unless he looks like carrot top in a stewardess' outfit, i dont give a fuck

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