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game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 04-12-2016

is anyone actually excited for this new season? (grue i am looking at you)

i have really not been enjoying the direction the show has been going in. the newest trailer looks pretty cool, but i just feel like there have been so many weird choices in the show. why is barristan dead? why does jorah have greyscale? why any of this?

i will probably watch it, but currently i am worried it's going to dictate the flow of the books; i'm very hopeful that the huge delay in the release of book 6 is not because Martin is taking certain cues from the show (if stannis dies i'm going to murder you george rr martin you fuckboy)

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Urser - 04-12-2016

they're making a book about that dragon show????? cool!

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Ticporn Durger - 04-16-2016

I'm ready to watch tyrion go cave exploring inside missandei while grey worm watches

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Delirious Biznasty - 04-16-2016

Ever since the ending to Homestuck was so disappointing I have no expectations at all for this season.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 04-16-2016

I won't go into the books to show differences anymore

just looking at the show alone, specially since season 4 (the first seasons were very good BECAUSE THEY STUCK TO THE BOOKS), it's a bad show. it's directionless, senseless, and the more I think about it the worse it gets in my eyes. right now the only redeeming quality has been some above-average casting choices, but the script is so baseline stupid that not even Ciarán Hinds can make it work

so I guess I'll maybe watch in a drunken night out of outrage porn and boredom. but I frankly don't care for it, at all. I had plenty of oportunity to watch the trailers but I can't be interested enough to spend a minute on it, and the gif of Tyrion saying "All I do is drink and have opinions" showed me all I needed to see

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 04-16-2016

also tempest lmao of course stannis is going to die. he'll break before he bends, remember? of course it will be for a reason that makes fucking sense and fits, and not because he charged into a high-walled castle in the middle of the snow with two hundred scattered men on foot

jesus fucking christ fifteen year-old fanfic authors on tumblr wouldn't write that shit

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Delirious Biznasty - 04-16-2016

The actor already stated that he didn't return for the new season and said it was incredibly obvious his character died

it was a tweet and I could be mistaken or taking it completely out of context but whatever

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 04-16-2016

i think tempest meant dying in the books - my reply was to that happening, which i think it will

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Delirious Biznasty - 04-16-2016

seeing as people dying in the show are supposed to die in the book too, right?

unless george rr martin was just pissed that they started killing off characters

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 04-16-2016

not necessarily

GRRM said they killed characters that will be important in the future. whether or not they will die in the books anyway is anyone's guess. the concern is that d&d decide to kill important characters because they are bad writers, and GRRM is somehow forced to do that aswell because of the show. so far every statement by both show and book people says that one will not necessarily dictate the other, though stories do converge

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - csp - 04-17-2016


RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 04-17-2016

literally the only thing to look forward to is that cleganebowl is probably going to happen. yeah, like grue said, the differences don't irk me as much as the show is just a fucking mess right now.

it's only going to get more messy when they start introducing ironborn, tbh. there's already too much weird shit to follow.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - retardfag - 04-17-2016


RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 04-17-2016

"Game of Thrones" showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are considering two short-and-sweet final seasons for the sprawling fantasy saga, according to Variety — seven episodes for the seventh season, six for the eighth.

so i guess after this year's season, they're gonna be shorter. lol.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - retardfag - 04-17-2016

Shut the Fuck up retard