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RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Urser - 05-15-2019

why even have sansa say shit like "you need your army to rest" and "theres no food stocks to feed your whole army during the winter" if none of it mattered?

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-15-2019

- the ice dragon could have just obliterated winterfell like dany did with KL
- Gendry being legitimized means he is now a strong contender to the throne as Gendry Baratheon, son of Robert
- where is Cersei's kingsguard, did the Hound and Arya 5000 kill them all
- Varys the master schemer did absolutely nothing for several seasons
- Davos did nothing for several seasons
- Bronn did... you get my point
- wtf is going on in the other lands? the North, White Harbour, Vale, Stormlands and Dorne are secured I guess. What about Riverrun? The Twins? The Iron Islands? The Reach? Casterly Rock? Oldtown?
- the throne has a HUGE debt to the Iron Bank... remember how it was this really big deal

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 05-15-2019

(05-14-2019, 12:17 AM)Delirious Biznasty Wrote:
(05-13-2019, 09:04 PM)Spastic Wrote:
(05-11-2019, 06:37 AM)grue Wrote:
(04-17-2016, 10:35 PM)grue Wrote: seven episodes-long seasons will be such a catastrophic disaster that maybe, just maybe, the millions of people watching the show and the mass media hyping that garbage will wake up and realize that they've been worshipping a turd

I am a golden god

For real though this season is basically just the writers saying "you know what would be dope? If x died" or "if x did this dope ass thing wouldn't that be cool???" without any kind of regard for character motivations or backstory. The whole white walker thing was beyond a fucking joke, and Dany's motivations in this season are garbage.

I felt like they wanted to get the white walkers out of the way as soon as fucking possible just to get to Danny Mad King Drama Lama because obviously that's what the people wanted and that's where the show was OBVIOUSLY headed

bad news it's also where the books are headed lol

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-15-2019

right but there's no NK in the books except for the legend and im still conflicted as to whether or not i believe he will ever show up

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Alienator - 05-15-2019

I like how Euron just happened to wash up on the right beach at the right time (hasn't this happened before on this show?), and Clegane just happened to run into Clegane, the whole show has been a wash-up after season 4, and it just confirms the fact that a great number of great films are great because they are based on books

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 05-17-2019

Friendly reminder that David Benioff is the person who made X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which Deadpool shot lasers from his eyes and had katanas for arms, so the problem isn't a lack of source material it's their spotty, garbage track record. Benioff also wrote Troy, which was pretty good, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a fucking atrocity.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Alienator - 05-17-2019

I didn't know he wrote 25th hour, that was also pretty good.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-20-2019



- Bloodraven/Bran was the bad guy all along
. the reason the white walkers wanted to kill Bran was that they knew Bloodraven was evil
. Bran used his mindpowers to influence Daenerys and that's why she acted insane
. Jon, unaware, kills Daenerys
. Jon, finally aware, turns on everyone and becomes the Night King, hellbent on destroying the Bloodraven (whatever iteration) again
. Tyrion was conspiring in favour of the Lannisters all along, that's why his "advice" was always shit


some bullshit lol

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-20-2019

well that was fucking garbage lmao

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-20-2019

well some thoughts:

. people are like "this is the ending GRRM wanted" and, ok, sure, but for a few caveats that I'll address in a second
. I haven't seen a full episode of game of thrones since like season 6. some details are fuzzy like I didn't know or remember that Bronn's marriage had been revoked. anywhom

- This show is damn beautiful. Can't complain about that.
- I CAN complain about the wide open streets, how Greyworm teleports ahead of Jon, how Tyrion finds his brother and sister dead under rubble in an otherwise open room,
- I can also complain about how little content this episode actually delivered. So let's parse the few scenes:

Tyrion finally convinces Jon, who is able to meet him in prison (this is a constant problem in the show but lets look past it) to kill Dany. Jon gets to Dany who previously ran off with four soldiers but now is in the throne completely unguarded. Dany comes to him with crazy girlfriend eyes and tells him "Let's break the wheel together!" so I had to take another drink. Then he kills her, which I expected would happen and makes sense because of the prophecy, Drogon comes along and deduces that The Throne Did It. Drogon has a greater sense of consequence than the council of Lords we meet later. Anyway this absolutely jarring scene is meant to symbolize that the Iron Throne is what drives people mad and into ruin. Power and some such. This is kinda true considering the history of that seat, and how it tries to bind together a whole bunch of kingdoms and cultures that just end up in conflict with one another. The books show that the only way to secure such a throne is through violence.

Drogon melting the throne then makes a bit of sense. Now of course, Drogon is historically known for being wild, violent, unpredictable, eats people and animals. I guess it's this sudden burst of Reason that makes the scene really weird. Then he flies off with his mother which was way sadder than whatever the fuck was happening between Jon and Dany.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-20-2019

Then we cut to the worst part of the episode: the council of Lords aka the Water Bottle Jamboree (WBJ). Tyrion is brought to a trial by Greyworm for betraying the Queen. Tyrion talks his way into turning a trial into an election, nominates the King, is the first to cast the fucking vote even and then becomes Hand of that King.

By the way yes he is brought by Greyworm who just before we were watching as he executed Lannister loyalists. Now he thinks of justice. Because Tyrion.

To its dying breath this show will jack Tyrion off. It's absurd.

Who is in this amazing WBJ? Some lords I couldn't identify. TWO vale lords - Bronze Royce and his master Sweetrobin. Dornish Prince, Ellaria completely unaccounted for. Gendry Baratheon - say that name again. Brienne of Tarth, not sure why, is she Lady of Tarth now? She becomes Kingsguard later, so that's a dick move (can't be both). Davos is there, and not even he understands why. Sansa, Arya and Dr Manhattan. Edmure Tully (sadly not his hot wife). Some guy, and finally Sam. Sam the Slayer. Sam who broke his Night's Watch Vows, is becoming a Maester, and I guess rules Horn Hill? Unsure of which of these amazing titles allowed him the honor of talking over the other lords sitting there but ok. Oh and Yara is there I guess.

And that's when shit starts hitting the fan.

They're deciding who will be king. Someone even suggests TYRION - the jerking never stops it's outstanding. NOONE things about or mentions Gendry Baratheon, who is the RIGHTFUL HEIR, and is just sitting there I assume hiding his boner from Arya. Sansa, big oof. She's sitting there influencing who gets to be king and THEN pulls a 180 and declares herself Queen in the north. That northmen always wanted to be independent all along. I assume that's why Sansa was sent south to marry Joffrey - to secure that sweet independence. But more importantly you know whose plot it was that was all about independence? DORNE AND THE IRONBORN




Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken my hairy ass.

Then they nominate Crippled Manhattan for king and NOONE objects to there being a Stark Queen in the North and a Stark King in the South. Noone even bats an eye at that. And Crippled Manhattan manages to, in the same breath, say "this is why I'm here" (to be a plot device I think is what he means) and tell Tyrion to be his Hand because "neither of us want this". They managed to contradict themselves IN A LINE OF DIALOGUE SPOKEN BY A SINGLE CHARACTER. Sam was also like "yo how bout democracy?" and everyone laughs which is the bit that made the most sense. Then they decide that the king will be elected which I'm sure will lead to no conflict at all, and this happens because Sansa casually quips about how his brother can't put it up.

Now Greyworm is fine with letting Tyrion Sue go, this is the man who convinced Jon Snow of killing Daenerys by the way, but he lets him go and be rewarded with becoming vice-king as long as Jon is punished. They promise that that will happen, they will not kill him but they will send him to the Wall. They lampshade that the Wall is useless now and that's that plot point covered! No need to explain nothing at all ever again, everything is fine, go home.

Now let's go to my main problem

Outside of all of this bullshit, we JUST witnessed Drogon burning the Iron Throne. I read that as a symbolic way of getting rid of that absolute power. A little later... Sansa is Queen but other than that THE THRONE IS BACK?? The ONE thing that finished off the season, destroying the Iron Throne... gone. Bran has been sitting in his Throne the whole time! How poetic. But it's not about the physical chair, is it? It's about the fucking POWER that being a King grants that people can't handle. And they just... revert the whole thing back by saying that nah brah, ignore what happened IN THIS EPISODE. Bran is the King now lol. Because that's what matters.

And I guess you could say "well now there's an election" which, true, but NOTHING ELSE changed. All the political power is the same. There's a Kingsguard (Podrick is in it, which I believe Brienne though was really cool and fun that they just gave him that). There's a Master of Coin and a Maester. Bran even wheels himself in to ask for a Master of Whispers (Bran who can literally know everything). Nothing changed EXCEPT that they added the extra complexity of an election process everytime a king dies.

Seriously, I can't wrap my head around this.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-20-2019


RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-20-2019

Also har har, Arya is Frodo and Jon is now King Beyond the Wall or some stupid shit

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - K-Man - 05-20-2019

dude spoilers cmon i still haven't watched the pilot

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Alienator - 05-21-2019

There's this character named Tyrion (he's about your height) and he also uses brains over brawn to resolve conflicts, I think you'd like him.