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RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 05-31-2016

too bad they never explored her actually taking new faces because that would be cool, but i guess it wouldnt translate well to a 1 hour show

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 06-07-2016

clegane bowl's comin' motherfuckers

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Urser - 06-07-2016

why did the waif stab her in the uterus instead of slitting her throat

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - GeorgeBubbinzInSpace - 06-07-2016

because they are so pink and springy

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Delirious Biznasty - 06-08-2016

Stuff is happening but at the same time nothing has happened

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 06-08-2016

[Image: 902fa7e610.png]

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 06-15-2016

(06-07-2016, 02:55 AM)Tempest Wrote: clegane bowl's comin' motherfuckers

get DUNKED lmo

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 06-15-2016

they can still kill each other even if it's not trial by combat.

what the fuck was this episode? i just read the synopsis, what a fucking trainwreck in slow motion

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 06-15-2016

I know noone cares but the teleporting in the show is out of fucking control. Sansa and Jon jump from place to place like going through houses on a neighbourhood and Theon is already in Volantis? Holy shit. Of course, all dickless Theon needs is tough love, and apparently Asha is a lesbian? Which we find out by having her use a sex slave, even though the ironborn despise slavery.

The taking of Riverrun was surprisingly book-faithful... if you forget the context. Jaime's plotline is a stupid mess, the Bronn brotip is so incredibly inane that the dialogue struggles with itself. Brienne of Teleport once again does nothing. She is so aimless it's actually hillarious. Good thing that of thousands of soldiers taking the castle, only Jaime saw her leaving. It's almost like we forgot the point made earlier in the episode about having lookouts stationed. or something

Sandor meets a septon that doesn't care about gods (lol) and talks to him like they just met even though he has fully healed a broken leg which takes several months. Then he goes on a revenge spree because he learned nothing from the septon of course, and we're treated to a finger-in-ass action because the show is written by a 5 year-old.

Then we learn that Arya's infuriatingly tedious run with the Faceless Men was absolutely pointless. These past two episodes of her running through the city from what is apparently the world's most incompetent assassin was disney talking-dog-movie levels of bullshit.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 06-15-2016

Sansa's journey of empowerment is getting raped, staying silent so that the men speak for her, and when she's right going behind their backs to ask her abuser for help. Classy shit, Game of Thrones. It's a good thing Davos, and not Sansa fucking Stark, manages to connect with the Mormont child. Also prediction: Melissandre is out of the picture right now to save money, and will show up again when the plot demands. This show doesn't give a fuck. It's mind numbing how much praise the writing and plot gets all around. The writing is absolute shit. The dialogue is so fucking cringe-worthy ("now a girl is truly noone" what the fuck???????????????????? is that supposed to mean???? is Jaqen fucking retarded??), everything is stupid and we should feel bad.

Like I can see the appeal of the show, by the way. The acting is superb on several instances. Alfie Allen is incredible, his suffering and PTSD from being around naked women for absolutely no re,ason flies way above the dumbass writing. Why are the ironborn taking time with sex slaves in Volantis? Why is Asha's out-of-books homosexuality being revealed through what is for all pratical purposes, rape? Also being a lesbian apparently is like being a man with tits (look at dat ass yo!). Because it makes perfect sense that runaway ironborn trying to reach Mereen before Euron does would stop in Volantis to have fun with sex slaves. You know, fun and pointless homosexual exposition first, escaping execution second! Or something.

Also can someone explain to me why the Masters are randomly attacking Mereen? Oooh they have deceived the iimp! Nice. Also good job Daenerys, landing on the pyramid and sending Drogon off. I mean, setting fire on those boats would be quite useful right now , not that I'm much of a military tactitian, but I don'w see how boat trebuchets stand a chance against a moving flying target. But we get to see perfectly combed and curly-haired Daenerys (CLEARLY someone who's been through a rough desert ride) waltz into the throne room in yet another brand new dress.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Gorilla Tits - 06-15-2016

You nerds need to sit back and relax a little more

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 06-15-2016

this outrage porn is the most engaging thing I've been in the past years, you can't take that away from me

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - Tempest - 06-16-2016

like, for the first few episodes of this season, as I was reading the synopses i was like man this could be a good season, but its a fucking mess. they've completely ruined the entire story arc that has been building up for Jaime for ages, they expect us to believe that the blackfish somehow snaked his way out of the red wedding only to be unceremoniously murdered by his own men, arya somehow killed a trained assassin in a fucking 1v1 with a rapier, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING???

bring me back stannis for the love of god. you didn't show his death, i know you've got it waiting in the wings. give me this, since you're ruining literally everything else. arya magically recovered from having her fucking stomach and womb turned into swiss cheese, jon snow is attacking ramsay head on with like 2 fucking houses pledged to his name, dany somehow managed to show up where some actual action was and still did fuck all.

it honestly feels like they wanted to run the show longer but are being told they only have a couple seasons left, so they are scrambling to wrap up every storyline as quick as they can, and it's not good. i'm most annoyed about the Jaime stuff honestly, he's turning into such a good fucking character in the books and for a while they seemed poised to continue that in the show but now he's just cersei's one-handed boy toy again, come on guys.

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 06-16-2016

still looking forward to see cersei burning the Red Keep to the fucking ground, though

RE: game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - grue - 06-16-2016

a friend of mine suggested that the showrunners may be good at converting the books into the show, but bad at writing a show by themselves. that could explain the discrepancies. when they follow the books, the show is good. when they deviate - because they want to or are forced to - the show becomes a pile of dung.