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game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS)
is anyone actually excited for this new season? (grue i am looking at you)

i have really not been enjoying the direction the show has been going in. the newest trailer looks pretty cool, but i just feel like there have been so many weird choices in the show. why is barristan dead? why does jorah have greyscale? why any of this?

i will probably watch it, but currently i am worried it's going to dictate the flow of the books; i'm very hopeful that the huge delay in the release of book 6 is not because Martin is taking certain cues from the show (if stannis dies i'm going to murder you george rr martin you fuckboy)
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game of thrones (the show) (SPOILERS) - by Tempest - 04-12-2016, 02:48 AM

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