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Sekiro - shadows die many times, actually
Made this thread to see how everyone is finding the game while staying relatively spoiler free.

I'm hitting my head against the chained ogre still, and I think this combat system could potentially be my favorite one of all from soft games. My biggest worry though, is that with so much of success being correctly deflecting combos a lot of it turns into memorization based on gruelling trial and error. I also miss the classic dodge roll with it's crazy i-frames, but sekiro forces me to engage a lot more aggressively by taking out the one - size - fits - all defensive option
oh man it’s tough. the ogre i cheesed tbh, two spin attacks two dodge jumps back and just hit him when i could. stay really mobile. i didn’t use fire, it was distracting and i had to be in close for longer. i also ran back to the bonfire and restarted the fight a LOT
[Image: NSiuXpT.jpg]
I beat him on my first try after reading your post thanks for your wise words
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