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hi guys, i made some more changes/fixed some shit

- the "like" field should no longer be discolored. this was fixed miraculously in a general update
- that same update broke the order of the buttons so that it took up two lines with like, quote, reply, etc. i fixed that too
- i fixed this a while ago, but that alerts box you get when you check alerts is centered again. proud of that one
- there are new icons and titles and they're more sensible now
- fixed the broken image links on my rank
- there's a new default avatar. i might change this again if i get a better idea of what it should be
- fixed the smileys thing extending into the post box. i spent more than an hour trying to scale all the smileys to 32px in the preview, only to realize i could just change the smiley order so that the biggest ones are way at the end. this means all our great, giant smileys are still present you just have to open the thing to look for em. yippee

biggest one: there's now a comic tournament subforum. this is because we're going to have another comic tournament, and im also archiving all previous tournaments. ill post more about this once i have more of it done. thx
[Image: Sd9744R.png]
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gay shitty changes

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