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robert pattinson has covid
guess he took the bat thing too far HAHA
is that joke too soon? too dated?? maybe racist???

look everyone said this pandemic started with a bat idgaff what nation its from
hi welcome toL ucky Larrys featuring your horrible moderator host kman, whom of who makes threads when he's stoned enough to mindpuke in a bucket named spame
:cue "Casino Night Zone" music from Sonic The Hedgehog 2:

:watermark logo in bottom left corner of frame:

what was i even talking about again
your ass. you were talking about your ass.
4781 Days and counting
i can't believe theyre still together after all the shit theyve been through
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i worry about you sometimes kman
that makes three of us, isnt that right kman

thats right other kman
You need to stop having so much sex with beautiful women you are draining your vital energies
dude ive been celibate for like 2.5 years, my chi is at an all-time high

unless my past of sleeping with beautiful women is now catching up and draining my vitality, then hooo boy might as well call the coroner now
Dude I'm not an expert there's just so much fuck vibes I'm picking up on
Take care you delicate blossom
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my confident persona is a façade, ive got more game than xbox but actually completely broken inside

i dont even try to pursue any romantic entanglements anymore, even if a woman is clearly interested i have no motivation to try to 'seal the deal', whatever that even means anymore

Dr. Belieber can fix everybodys love problems except his own :[
maybe i just volunteered more information than i should have but hey the hell else ya reading on these fora lately lol

we should all mindvomit in the casino more often*, we're all acquainted and mature enough to not pass judgement

confession is good for the soul

* - not you, charlie

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