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hey guys new post. this ones calelellldded balalallalalalslmlack. if you ever dare disrespect me, that's what will be ripped off of your body. and i will rape you and kill you and fuck you and rape you. any way, so i was just hanging out chilling at the port o potties again today. I always go there wearing jeans and sunglasses and lean up against the port o potties with my hands in my pockets acting like im minding my own business being cool and mysterious. any time any one goes in any of the port of potties, i give them a nod and say "enjoy the portle potties bro" and quickly look back at the ground super fast. then when they come out i walk up to them and ask them if i can buy a sample of their poop or pee in a tiny paper dixie cup i always carry with me. I usually offer them about 600 dollars so sometimes they say yes. if they say yes I quickly dip my cup into the porto potty toilet and take a shot out of it and puke instantly.

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