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I'll be posting some videos that will only be appreciated by the truest anime hokages. 

The philosophy that has always guided me through moments of violence and the traumatic recollections thereof is something that I like to call war-poetry. Someone who practices this philosophy is a Warrior-Poet. The unfortunate truth is that not everybody is cut out to be a warrior, and the history of the world is drenched in blood spilled by false warriors committing acts of violence on those who could not defend themselves. Part of my research has been codifying a method of training people in a variety of self-defense methods, including martial arts such as Krav Maga, Karate, Kendo (and Bushido, and Ninjitsu), Archery, as well as firearms use and maintenance. The principles of war-poetry can be used to train or re-train oneself in a wide variety of skills and techniques, but the practice of SWORD-SINGING is one that I've found to be a palpably effective way to gain self-confidence and resolve trauma, which is why I'm choosing to document several performances of SWORD-SINGING, which I will upload to Youtube and post to this thread. The goal of this school of thought is to empower anybody in the world who feels that they have none, and to demonstrate that anybody can be a hero, in the truest sense, even in situations they imagined they could never survive, let alone triump over.

The first video that I'll be posting will be a performance to the song Long Knives by Rainer Maria. I'll be doing warrior KATAs using a ritualistic interpretation of a diato, consisting of a katana/long-sword/cane, wakazashi/short-sword/bokken, and tanto/dagger/bokken. I will demonstrate a variety of defensive techniques, including some flashy dual wielding type stuff. The most effective way for me to practice SWORD-SINGING is to simply start with a battle-anthem of any sort and see where it takes me. All of my performances will be improvised/unscripted. Stay tuned for Life In Drag / BRUTAL HANDS / KRAV MAGA.

Enjoy! :)
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there's really no way to say this without sounding like a dick but please be careful with the way you expose yourself online, I saw people end up on r/cringetopia for way less and being targeted by awful people online can be brutal
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ur not from michigan if u neva gone viral on r/cringetopia

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