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Good News, Everyone!
Firstly: I probably don't have epilepsy! That's good news on account of then I wouldn't be allowed to drive. Instead I probably had juvenile diabetes due to my awful, high-sugar, parentally-approved diet during my formative years. I'm in touch with my family doctor to figure this shit out because I'm sick of being a medical mystery.

Second: I completed a speed-run of The Psych Ward in what I believe has to be a world-record amount of time. I believe my total time clocked in at almost exactly 4 days flat from admission to release at Alberta Hospital. All part of my vision quest to take over the world in the name of my ancestors :) My first manic/psychotic episode was actually not due to Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, or any other similar condition based on the most recent assessments from multiple doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, and therapists. Instead it's more likely that it was triggered due to a combination of stressors including a sexual assault, homelessness, abandonment/neglect/abuse by my family & community, and an over-prescribed dose of Dextroamphetamine (which I took myself off, cold-turkey, same as I did for two antipsychotics last year, all to great success).

AMA about my recovery. 

is it total consecutive time or is it spliced
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cptsd b like that
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