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New Play
I'm going to be performing in a new solo play on stage and in this play I will be walking out on to the stage completely naked and start jacking off. Eventually I will cum on the floor then turn around and spread my butt cheeks to the audience as the curtain closes. Then I'll run to the side of the stage to grab a molotov that I will then throw through the curtains into the crowd so that they all run away screaming. Then while everyone is screaming and running out with everything on fire I will walk through the curtain again and piss off of the stage onto the floor. Then when the police come and point guns at me and tell me to put my hands in the air I'll raise my hands up in the air and poop then get shot in the chest 15 times because they got scared of the poop. And this play will be on Broadway.
The police shooting you because they are scared of the poop because poop is brown and that's why they're "scared" of it is possibly some of the best political commentary to ever grace a broadway stage
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