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ive gone and done a few things:

there is now an anime appreciation forum, where one can express their love and admiration for japanese animation.

ive made four people moderators. these are Portugal's Prodigal Grue in the no-spin zone, Key West's own Kraven K-man for "back 2 business", Fighter of the Last Frontier Tempest in media/video games, and the Radikal, Rolig Risbolla overseeing his own anime domain. other than technical duties, at least three of them will be relatively harmless

ive also added all of the rank images for each rank, up to a few thousand posts

the unread-posts rules frog has found his energy and now jostles even faster. a tip of my 'dora to risbolla for the help

the text in a tab now displays the forum's name instead of the site's name first, so you can better tell what the hell you have open

there are now tooltip previews of threads like in old spame. hover over that thread's container to get the preview, and you can even hover over the "last post" box to see a preview of the last post in the thread (wow!!)

i also added dropshadow to the forum names so they look nicer, i think
[Image: Sd9744R.png]
hehe btw im one of the nice mods,,,,,,post in my forum nd nothing bad will happen to u

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