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#9 weekly sales thread (ON TIME BOYS)
This thread is meant for the sharing of sweet, tasty cheap stuff. Keep the more in-depth games discussion to the "What Are You Playing This Month" thread. I don't want the threads to become redundant, and this weekly sales thing will only continue if you guys show any interest in it - if not, I'll just can it.

Anyway, if you know something, share it itt.

The threads are weekly because the steam sales are weekly.

Possible sources of items on sale:


My picks:

MDK pack 50% off on Steam. I've never played MDK 2 but MDK was a fucking blast way back when. A third person arcade shooter with great gameplay and lots of explosions. I'm looking at screenshots and it doesn't seem to have aged well at all, but hey.
Speaking of nostalgia, Earthworm Jim 50% off on Steam - all three games. If you ask me, $10 for these games is still too much. They are very old and they don't seem to have been HD'd at all, I don't know. Still, worth the mention I suppose.
Trine games are on a 75%-85% discount on Steam. Now I'm not what they call a "mathematician" or "intelligent" but it seems to me that the pack price is not discounted. So if you consider buying these games, you should buy them individually. Yeah, it's stupid. Anyway, Trine is a puzzle platformer with a gorgeous aesthetic and very interesting gameplay.
Bunch of old school strategy games 80% off on GoG. This is the bundle that stands out the most but there are others for sure.
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is 80% off on GoG. Ok hear me out. This is actually a pretty fucking great FPS. And I will shamelessly defend The Chronicles of Riddick as good cheesy entertainment scifi. 
FTL: Advanced Edition is 65% off on GoG. "Roguelike" turn-based space survival indie strategy game words. FTL is more fun than it has any right to be.
Darksiders II is 80% off on GoG. I never played it but a friend of mine can't stfu about Darksiders so I assume it's decent.
METRO series is 75% off on GoG ($10, holy shit). That link is for one of the games but you can access the whole series through the sidebar. METRO is a survival fps game (?) that's more known for dethroning Crysis as the benchmark for high quality graphics.
Hyperdimention Neptunia is there for like $6 aswell but I won't fall so low as to link it, you go get it yourself, risbolla.
Bastion is 75% off on GoG. If you never played Bastion GO AND PLAY BASTION HOLY SHIT

I assure you I tried browsing the Humble Store for deals but holy shit it's Hyperdimention Neptunia fest in there there's a shitload of Hyperdimention games and the anime overload is too much for me. 

oh man this week really compensates the lackluster former week
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i loved trine btw but i only played the first one
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Nintendo's having a pretty big eshop sale now http://www.nintendo.com/games/sales-and-deals/

It includes e3 sale (mostly Zelda and Pokemon) and Sega classics sale (I think Out Run works particularly great with 3D, and it's a fun game to have around)
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Bastion is a great action game - satisfying combat, lots of weapon variety and challenge modes, good story and great soundtrack. I enjoyed the hell out of playing it
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