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games you're playing in july (AMERICAN PRIDE THREAD)
just been playin pokemon go, me and my brothers in law have every gym in our small town, but its crazy how many people are playing, we went to a park that had 3 pokestops near each other and used lure modules on all of them and over the course of the half hour 20 people came over to catch pokemon, people ranging from mid 20s to old as balls, pretty cool
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i finally went by the park near my house to get some pokeballs while it was pitch black and not a second later somebody put a lure down and i hightailed it the fuck outta there
oh wrong thread THANKS SPASTIC
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I just bought doom on sale for my ps4, gotta say it's pretty fun so far. It still has the basic doom stuff like the red/yellow/blue key cards and secret areas but with a new style that I really like. You can upgrade weapons and armour and attach mods to guns with the action being very fast paced. You never really want to stop moving when you're fighting off a hoard of demons.

Anyway it's doom, much like the original, it's pretty fun. I wouldn't say it's the best game ever but definitely worth checking out eventually, maybe when it's on sale again.
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I'm also still playing hearthstone and clash royale. Both of which I've spent way too much money on
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Legion's pre expansion patch is live today :)
overwatch because N E W P A T C H
Monster hunter generations is out and so's my rock hard erection
(11-16-2016, 02:28 AM)shagg Wrote: are you a meme?
starbound and star wars the old republic
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