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#13 weekly sales thread (belated)
This thread is meant for the sharing of sweet, tasty cheap stuff. Keep the more in-depth games discussion to the "What Are You Playing This Month" thread. I don't want the threads to become redundant, and this weekly sales thing will only continue if you guys show any interest in it - if not, I'll just can it.

Anyway, if you know something, share it itt.

The threads are weekly because the steam sales are weekly.

Possible sources of items on sale:


My picks:

Dragon Age: Origins is 60% off on GoG. I've never played the game but it has a good rep.
Dead Space is 60% off on GoG. I've never played that one either but it was the focus of one of my favourite playthroughs that I watched on youtube.
Bastion is 80% off on GoG. Enough said.
Transistor, by the same dudes that did Bastion, is 75% off on GoG.
The current Humble Bundle is all over the place but for like $1 you get Spec Ops: The Line, which is an amazing deal. There's also Civ V there and Mafia II.
There's also a Revelmode Humble Bundle including Spelunky, Skullgirls and Golf With Friends. 
GTA V 33% off on HB.
LA Noire 70% off on HB.
[Image: iPJsc4U.png]
those are some fat deals tbh but i already own DA:O, dead space, bastion, and civ

theyre good games tho you should buy em
[Image: Sd9744R.png]
dragon age origins is fucking great and also i didn't like bastion all that much for some reason but transistor was SO GOOD
[Image: Kq6todc.jpg]
regular schedule should be resumed tomorrow, hold on to your seats
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