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what do u think of this? worth it?

HP Pavilion 15-aw000nv Laptop 

CPU: AMD A9-9410 APU (2.90 GHz)
[*]RAM Memory : 6 GB
HDD : 1000 GB
AMD Radeon R7 M440

i want to be able to game (casually but be able to run them smoothly), work on autocad and photoshop mainly, watch movies
it costs 600 euros which is significantly less than i would spend on a decent desktop since i'd also need a monitor/keyboard/speakers etc and though i realise a desktop is a better investment due to possible upgrades, the truth is my current vaio has served me marvelously for the past 8 years or so but it's not reliable anymore and i definitely need to have mobility
if you wanna game dont buy a laptop any video card is gonna suck on it. Here's some benchmarks on the one you are looking at

yeah i would echo what spastic says, i know what you mean about the peripherals making it way more expensive to set up a desktop but even still if it means waiting a bit more to commit to a new computer for monetary reasons i think it would be worth it

that being said, i have a lenovo with worse specs than that (4gb, worse processor, 500gb hdd) and it can play heroes of the storm competently even. i wouldnt recommend it if i had to do that all the time i had to play (i also have a desktop at work) but its possible with what ive got so if youre really gung-ho about a laptop then yeah maybe thats decent

that ALSO being said, i paid $400 for mine. idk what that is in euros (probably... 350ish?) but i think if youre gonna pay out near twice that for your laptop it oughta be more than just kinda better.
[Image: Sd9744R.png]
focusing on the not-video-game side, i dunno how much CAD and Photoshop stuff you do but if you're using the newest versions of those programs a dual core CPU (which is what the one in that laptop is) is going to have a pretty rough time with them I feel like. the price isn't awful and it could probably run older games and blizzard games which i know u play halfway decent, but you'd be pushing it pretty hard and idk if it has much hope for CPU intensive things like photoshop or CAD
[Image: Kq6todc.jpg]
Like i said i need the mobility, i need to be able to take it with me when i go to athens which is every month and i can't buy both a laptop and a desktop rn, i know a laptop is not an ideal choice to game but if i can do it decently on this i'm alright for now, and yeah i guess it'd be mostly blizzard

Autocad has no particular issues on my vaio and like i said it's 8y old, my use of photoshop is light photo editing, nothing too heavy, but mostly adding textures to cad

Mainly i wantes to know if it's not a total waste of money
And i'm reaaaally not a fan of lenovo i know i could get one for less but nope
I mean it's not an awful laptop and as long as you're not looking to play like Crysis or Far Cry 4 or whatever brand new game just came out at any decent level it'd probably serve you fine. I doubt that thing would have any trouble running any blizzard game at lower graphical settings, blizzard's pretty good about making their games capable of running on low end systems
[Image: Kq6todc.jpg]
Yeah thanks that's what i wanted to know basically, i wasn't hoping to play new games on a 600 euros laptop

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