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alright boys, rev up those fryers

- the "main site" is live. i went from knowing 1% about web design to about 5% and made my own front page to the website. i do not know how the fuck to make things look ok on mobile but im workin on it. things should generally be centered and simplistic

- the purpose of the main site is to host different content in each square. the size of the square will in theory (eventually) correspond to quantity/quality of the content it links to (right now thats out the window because there aint shit)

- currently, the only original content is the "NTR" podcast as hosted by myself and @grue Moderator. there are some 10+ episodes up now and ready for your ears and lobes. also spame is there, so in theory if some poor fool likes what's happening here well enough he can find this place and destroy it from the inside. if you have something cool, let me know about it somehow. i really do not give a care, fucker, what it is

- the "HOME" button on the top bar now brings you to the main site, and FORUM (or clicking the spame logo) leads you to the forum index

in smaller news:

- i added nine thread tags as created by risbolla. see if you can spot them all!

- i fixed the alerts thing overlap problem in the anime forum, as well as some colors that werent properly anime-fied in the palette swap (er, uh, i mean, careful and deliberate crafting of a new and unique theme)

ALSO I SHOULD MENTION that we seem to be getting a lot of adbots now. maybe one or two a day. it isnt a big deal because they are being banned (by mostly risbolla thank you) and i can delete them very, very quickly. but its making me reconsider the, no verification at all thing
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excellent job with the shifting snowfall
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