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dear spamers
sike !!! fuck u spamers hahaha
wtf ? q d p b are all the same letter
u can see tough when there big it looks like so Q D B P so this letter do not look so much same when its big type ! this letters as u can see their similar when there small but when this letters grow up to adult letters they have become apart ? if u look u also see letter P looks most like when it was a little kid letter when other once have changed alot more so if u think of it than letter P is most true to itself of this letters nd in touch with his self were other letter has drifted away from how they use to be,,,,,,,do u think maybe its painful for letter P to have to see his other letter friends grow apart from him nd maybe he felt left behind like the only one who still does this same stuffs as when he was a kid ? meanwhile hiso ther consonants friensd now has vowel wifes nd they dont spend ne time together nemore ! well its not so surprising stuffs like this happens to alot of ppl u know so i think if u are a big boy but is still in touch with ur childhood friends u should think urself lucky,,,,,not all ppl have others that they know so well nd think as theyre friends so u must treasure this important ppl imo ? not that i know so much about this stuff cos i grow up with closest neighbor 20 km away so im never had ne proper childhood friends to begin with nd when i start on school i have moved around alot from place to place so never i have had the same groups of ppl around me ! still i think its a little sad story for this letter P how is now out of touch with his childhood friends but maybe im also jealous a little cos i never have this kinds of friends in the first place
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you are a treasure
[Image: NSiuXpT.jpg]
The Swedish national treasure and I am your Nic Cage
Who's Swedish
[Image: h7AkIn7.jpg]
[Image: The_Swedish_Chef.jpg]
there's norway risbolla is swedish
(11-16-2016, 02:28 AM)shagg Wrote: are you a meme?
[Image: ou99aLb.gif]
if thers a swedish here step up so i can ban u
how to say spame ? call it like ''spam'' or like its written ''spame'' or ''speym''
i read it like sperm
[Image: 4761558c1f.png]
wtf ? thats 100% wrong u have failed as a spame mod imo

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