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Right now, whenever I get a new alert, this is what happens:


I can scroll down and see the alerts so that's a little annoying but not the biggest deal:


But this compounds to the other problems that alerts have. Namely:

- now I get notified whenever someone posts in a thread that I replied to; I don't see the point in this so I turned it off, but it highlighted a bigger problem:

- though it's nice to have alerts for whenever someone interacts with my posts, so that if someone quotes me I'll see it rather than miss it, every alert "type" comes with its own line;

- and due to how alerts are set up, in order to bring alerts back to 0 (ensuring that I don't miss it if a new alert comes on), I can't just simply click one or browse the thread where the alert happened, or check a box. I have to open every single Alert, or delete the alerts that I have (which kind of defeats the point of adressing a quote);

- so in the end, this is what I'm faced with:


So I guess the question is Is it possible to add a "mark all alerts as read" button or somethign

Bonus pic: funny broken english in the alert settings
[Image: iPJsc4U.png]
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I, too, share these alert concerns
yeah same, been like this since I said alerts weren't showing up
fix ur broken ass forum """admin""" !!!
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maybe its time for a regime change :us_flag::eagle:
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for it is the way of spame for hungry moderators to overthrow the administrator

let me & risbolla run this joint

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